How to Buy Whatsapp Data on Cell C

Cell C, a leading mobile network operator in South Africa, offers various data bundles for WhatsApp usage. If you want to purchase WhatsApp data on Cell C, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Check Available WhatsApp Data Bundles

Visit the Cell C website, use the Cell C app, or dial the USSD code to see the available WhatsApp data bundles.

Step 2: Select the Desired WhatsApp Data Bundle

Choose the WhatsApp data bundle Russia Whatsapp number Data that suits your usage needs and budget from the available options.

Step 3: Recharge or Purchase the WhatsApp Data Bundle

Recharge your Cell C prepaid account with the required amount using prepaid airtime vouchers, online banking, or the Cell C app.

Step 4: Activate the WhatsApp Data Bundle

Activate the WhatsApp data bundle through the app or by dialing the provided USSD code. Follow the instructions to complete the activation.

Step 5: Check WhatsApp Data Balance

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Regularly check your WhatsApp data balance using the Cell C app, USSD code, or sending an SMS command to monitor your usage.

Step 6: Use WhatsApp Freely

Enjoy using WhatsApp without worrying about consuming your regular data allocation as the WhatsApp data bundle will cover your usage.

Step 7: Renew or Purchase a New Bundle

When your current WhatsApp data bundle Asia Email List expires, either renew the same bundle or purchase a different one to continue using WhatsApp.


Buying WhatsApp is easy and convenient. Check the available bundles, select the desired one, recharge your account, activate the bundle, and start using WhatsApp without affecting your regular data. Monitor your data balance and renew the bundle when needed to enjoy seamless WhatsApp usage on Cell C’s network.

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