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Sometimes it seems that the trendiest word today is  In tech hubs like Silicon Valley, Singapore, or any startup hub, many are building or even launching their own start-ups.

While the popular definition of a startup as a ” tech company with less than 100 people ” isn’t wrong, it doesn’t explain its entire philosophy.

Let’s explore the definition of a startup according to Silicon Valley legend Steve Blank.

Many years investors treated startups like small businesses

This Was a Real Problem Because. However, There Latest Mailing Database is a Big Conceptual and Organizational Difference. Between a Startup, a Small Business , and a Large Corporation.

According to Startup Guru Steve Blank, a Startup is a ” Temporary Organization. Designed to Pursue. A Repeatable. And Scalable Business Model. However, While the Small Business Operates. On the Fixed Business Model.

For a Startup Founder. This Concept Means the Following Three Main Functions:

Provide a vision of a product with a set of features;
Create a series of business model scenarios regarding customers, distributions, and company finances.
Understand if the model is correct, based on the behavior of customers, as predicted by your model.
Small Business vs. Startup
For a better understanding of the above, please watch the video, where Steve Blank describes the difference between a startup and a small business.

According to Steve Blank, there are six different types of startups

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1. Modern startups: autonomous
Modern entrepreneurs live their preferred ASIA Email List lifestyles, working for themselves. However, In Silicon Valley, these professionals are freelance programmers or web designers who love their jobs out of passion.

2. Small Business Startups: Feeding the Family
Small businesses are grocery stores, hairdressers, bakers, travel agents, carpenters, electricians, etc. They are those who run their own business to feed the family. Small business entrepreneurship is not

Designed to Scale.

4. Buyable Startups: Born to Be Bought
Over the Past Five Years, Startups Offering Web and Mobile App. Solutions Have Been Sold to Larger Companies. This Trend Becomes More and More Popular. Their Goal is Not to Build a Multi-billion Dollar Company. But to Be Sold to a Larger Company for Quite a Bit of Cash.

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