Facebook Advertising Funnel Campaign

When it comes to Facebook advertising strategies for your market , confusion can quickly arise as many people examine Facebook’s goals and focus solely on conversions.

Even if making sales is the goal, most customers won’t be ready to buy your product at first glance. Typically, high-value conversions occur after a few encounters between a person and your brand.

Brand awareness
People who don’t recognize your brand are unlikely to buy from you. Starting with a brand awareness campaign allows you to spread a wide net on Facebook and expose your brand and products to as many consumers as possible.

Start this campaign with a low-risk offer explaining how you can help your audience without trying to close a deal.

Once they know who you are and what you can do for them

The more favorable feedback an ad receives, the more likely it is that more people will stop and engage with it. Hence, engagement initiatives follow immediately after brand awareness campaigns.

The second phase, “Engagement,” should focus on getting to know the page’s fans and target audience . The goal is to attract likes, comments, shares, and even questions about how to buy goods or services. Use short video ads highlighting the main benefits, advantages and characteristics of a product or service to grab people’s attention.

Advertisers may try to increase clicks whatsapp mobile number list and conversions after the first two encounters.

You can add individuals who react to our ads to a traffic campaign which you can modify to increase the number of visitors to your landing page. At this point, your goal is not just to increase brand awareness. In addition, you want them to visit certain pages on your website.

Don’t burn your Facebook ad dollars Have a strategy

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You’ll want a diverse and well-optimized Facebook Ads strategy that targets every touchpoint along the buyer’s journey. This involves leveraging the many different types of Facebook campaigns to create effective sales funnels to acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

In short, the most effective method of promoting an eCommerce website or a Shopee, Lazada or Daraz Store must combine ASIA Email List cold traffic and retargeting efforts using multiple ad formats.

If you want to maximize your advertising budget, ask a market expert for help. Schedule a call with us if you want your eCommerce project to start seeing similar positive results from Facebook ads.

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