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Importantly, both large and small conversion goals are relevant. Without the micro stage, it will be harder for you to succe in the macro field. Why measure conversion? Why should you measure a conversion? Macro conversion is the basic information for the entrepreneur whether his strategy and marketing activities are effective. Macro conversion is an indicator that shows whether a business is profitable or not. If we want to achieve our macro goals, we also ne to measure micro conversions.

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Microconversion reflects the customer’s purchasing path , and microconversion analysis allows you to assess the quality of visits to the website or reaction to advertisements. Tracking microconversions will give us valuable information also in a situation where the macroconversion does not reach a satisfactory whatsapp mobile number list level. This will allow us to catch the exact moment when customers give up shopping and leave the website. Why else should you track micro conversions? This results, among others, from from how Internet users visit your website. Users more and more often use different devices, so connecting all the page entries leading to macro conversion is basically impossible.

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An finally, one more argument “for” the analysis of micro conversions equals the analysis of user behavior on the website, which in turn is extremely important in the process of optimizing the UX of the website. How to measure a conversion? Of course, you will ne tools from Google to measure conversions., which allows you to track basically all behaviors and actions taken by users on your website. Thanks to the data from Google Analytics, you will find Asia Email List out, among others, how many users have register in your store, how many have come to your website from Google Ads or social mia. In addition, in Analytics you can analyze up to goals and thus effectively monitor.

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