Dynamic Product Ads Are One Of The Main Components

Follow these steps to complete the Facebook Pixel installation on your website:

Go to the Facebook Events Manager .
Select the Pixel you created earlier that you modified.
Then, select Continue pixel setup
Select the option to manually install the code.
Now copy the pixel base code.
Navigate to website headers or search for header templates in your web platform or content management system.

Copy and paste the code just above the

closing head tag after the header section of your website.
End by pressing the Continue button.
Use the event tool or manually upload database the code to your website to create an event.
So, here summed it up. The Facebook Pixel can now track events on your website. Facebook can now observe all user actions related to your ad targeting.

2. Use Dynamic Product Ads
Dynamic product ads are one of the main components that you should never neglect in your eCommerce Facebook advertising strategy . This functionality will be invaluable if your eCommerce site like Daraz, sells a wide variety of goods.

It uses machine learning to recommend products based on interests, hobbies and age to each user. Dynamic product ads use your Meta pixel data and product catalog to retarget potential buyers in Facebook marketplaces by showing ads related to their actions on your website.

The Facebook template will pull photos, product names, prices, and additional information from your catalog according to the information you provide about each product.

The first step in creating a Dynamic ad is to log in to


You are Meta Business Manager .

After logging in, a menu will appear in the upper left corner. Proceed to the “create catalog” option.

There should be a large button with the words “Create Catalog” on it when you arrive.

You will then have four alternatives. You can choose eCommerce, travel, real estate or cars. Choose the one that is optimal for your business, eCommerce.

Enter your website URL to determine Asia Email List f it has simple configuration options.
Proceed by pressing the Continue button.
After configuring the Facebook Pixel, you must include the Facebook Pixel code in your eCommerce website including Daraz . We recommend that you solve this manually .

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