What Are Competitor Products And Competitor Stores

This is usually up to the competitor but without automation, the seller is force to manually check every day the different prices that the competitor’s product has and react accordingly. This can be a very time consuming process without automatic competitor product alerts.

As far as product competitor monitoring is concerned, Split Dragon is the only product competitor monitoring software for businesses looking to track every move of their competitors. Later in this article, we’ll show you how to track your competitors’ products automatically with Split Dragon.

Monitoring competitor monitoring

Another valuable source of competitor intelligence is their store. You can navigate to competitor stores manually and see below:

As with competitor product whatsapp mobile number list monitoring, it can be very time consuming to do this manually and most larger retailers and brands use automation to get competitor store change alerts.

In the most basic terms, a competing store is another seller within your platform that you consider a competitor, someone who has the potential to influence your sales. Competitor products are simply products sold that are the same or similar to yours (i.e. Samsung phones/Oppo phones, books/eBooks, game consoles/PCs)

Many of you may wonder why there is a need to separate competitors’ products and competitors’ stores. Let’s highlight this situation.

Category or section of shelf intelligence

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Your category or shelf share refers to the percentage of your products that appear in a given search term or category results. The core concept here is when a consumer browses an eCommerce platform looking for an item to buy if your product doesn’t appear on the first page of search results or a category, you most likely won’t be able to convert a sale from it. customer search and navigation.

Calculating your shelf share manually is not possible due to Lazada/Shopee personalization. This needs to be done with the software because search rankings and category rankings can change ASIA Email List frequently. The best practice is to check the shelf share several times a day and plot the average shelf share on the report. Split Dragon may also provide category and rack intelligence shares to its customers as an additional service.

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