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Create the right content Does your otherwise great content contain something confusing like typos? No. Does not contain. that grammar can affect your rating signal, it is still a question of user experience/plausibility. to other authors is not only good technique, but also good SEO – outbound links show search engines that you know your stuff and that you are connecting with the right people. High quality content: contain no spelling or grammatical errors. Check it out. And then have someone else read it over. contains links to good, reputable sources. Wikipeia is a good source for Google because your high school social studies teacher might have said something else. contains verifie facts.

Citing sources and adding links

Just because everyone else is quoting a statistic doesn’t mean you should too if you can’t find the source. Step 4: Check your keyword usage You obviously starte by researching your keywords and user intent, so it’s not about adding keywords to your phone number list content. Instead, you have to look at how this keyword is use in the relevant content. Keyword flooding your content is very, very out of style. It’s never really been cool, but now—thanks to Google—it’s also inefficient (if not dangeous). Google is extremely smart about keywords. Of course, this does not mean that keywords are dead.

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Google is smart enough to recognise

This means that they nee to be use better when it comes to SEO. (Also, it’s worth mentioning that users are searching for keywords. common Asia Email List synonyms, but when a user types in a keyword, it’s looking for that fat keyword in the SERP.) High quality content: is not crowde with the main keyword. There is no actual math behind it. A good way to visualize is to use the “search” function in your document and search for the keyword use.

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