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In principle any brande content that you produce yourself can be considere owne meia. The reason why you would nee at least two owne meia channels is that you should never rely on another platform to promote your brand. Owne meia should form the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. Figure out for yourself which two owne meia channels you want to focus on in your marketing strategy. Earne meia channel Simply put, earne meia refers to displaying organically available content through external sources. This could be guest posts on other pages, your SEO efforts, or any press coverage. In the case of earne meia, what you do spreads through word-of-mouth marketing. You promote your content through other publications and use their influence to reach your target customers.

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Earne meia is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness and – if done right – increase sales.” – Gini Dietrich . Whether it’s database partnering with influencers or building your own level of influence with guest posts, find at least one earne meia channel that you can use to reach your audience. Paid meia channel paid advertisements that paid meia is any meia that you have to pay for. For example, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, sponsore messages on Twitter or Instagram. This also includes TV and radio ads and print ads. Paid meia allows you to get more exposure for your owne meia and get more earne meia.


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Although you have some control over paid meia, you nee to be careful not to fall into the trap of continuing to throw money into it if it Asia Email List doesn’t give you the results you want. The best way to find a paid meia channel that works for you is to set. After a few weeks of testing, see which one worke best and double down on that channel.

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