KPU Belitung Receives 2024 Election Carnival Relay

The Belitung Regency General Election Commission (KPU) received the 2024 election procession. The 2024 election procession was received from the Pangkal Pinang City KPU.

This Election Carnival was directly supervised by Bangka Belitung Islands Provincial KPU Member Fahrurrozi and Pangkalpinang KPU Chairman, Penti. However,
The group and the arrangement of flags participating in the 2024 Election were received at the Belitung Regency KPU Office on Tuesday (14/03/2023).

Belitung Regency KPU Chairperson Soni Kurniawan said the 2024 Election

Carnival which was held simultaneously Latest Mailing Database throughout Indonesia carried the theme “Election as a Means of Nation Integration”.

The KPU RI started the carnival itself on February 14, 2023. The aim of this activity is to socialize general elections in 38 provinces and 514 districts/cities throughout Indonesia.

Soni said the 2024 Election procession in Belitung Regency will be a stopover for the carnival group which will tour each sub-district for the next week.

“Today, March 14 2023, we have received the 2024 Election Carnival. However,
For the next 7 days, we will tour 5 sub-districts in Belitung Regency. However,
After that, we will convey it to the East Belitung Regency KPU, “said Soni.

Meanwhile, Babel Provincial KPU member Fahrurrozi explained, the 2024 Election Carnival relay will be carried out for 7 days in Belitung Regency, and will be continued by the East Belitung KPU to be held for the next 7 days.

The 2024 Election Carnival reaches all parts of Indonesia. We received the route

Latest Mailing Database

Yesterday From the Riau Islands to Belinyu. Bangka Asia Email List Regency to Pangkalpinang and Today to Belitung. Said Kpu Member for the Babel Islands Province Organizational Parmas and Hr Division, Fahrurrozi.

Fahrurrozi Also Explained That This Activity Has a Message. To the Public to Make Sure They Are Included in the Voter List, and Can Vote in the Upcoming Election.

The Message Must Reach the People, So This Election. Carnival is the First Step. “Furthermore, I Will Instruct All Regency/city Kpu, Especially the Outreach Division. To Educate the Public That Our Lives Are Very Much Determined. By Political Decisions,” Continued Fahrurrozi.

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