Press Stunting Belitung Regency Government

The Belitung Regency Government is fully committed to accelerating the reduction of stunting in Belitung Regency.

Head of DPPKBPMD Belitung Regency, Salman Alfarizi said that this coordination meeting was the first stage of the 4 planned coordination meetings. Later the coordination meeting will be held every 3 years, as well as correcting the implementation every 3 months.

According to Salman, based on presidential regulation No. 71 of 2021 concerning the national action plan for stunting 2021-2024 aims so that our stunting rate nationally in 2024 can be at 14 percent or below.

In general in 2022 there are 8 villages in 3 sub-districts that are of more

Priority focus in this effort. Then this year in 2023 there Database will be 11 villages and 1 sub-district in 4 sub-districts,” said Salman.

Salman Continued to Mention That There Was a Difference. In the Data Between the Prevalence. Of Stunting and the Data in the E-ppgbm Application. Which is Both Managed by the Ministry of Health. Data From the 2022 Nutritional Status Survey. Shows an Increase in the Prevalence of Stunting. In Belitung Regency, While Data From. The E-ppgbm Application Shows a Decrease.

Not Synonymous With Poverty
Salman Also Mentioned That Data Collection From the Previous. Few Years Showed That Families at Risk. Of Stunting Were Not Synonymous With Poverty. Families at Risk of Stunting Are More Identical to the Pattern. Of Providing Nutritional. Intake to Pregnant Women and Babies Up to 23 Months of Age.

Thus this Coordination Meeting is also to formulate activities to be carried out in 2024


Which aims to create synergy and harmonization of programs Asia Email List between provinces and districts/cities so that development in this province is more focused and optimal,” he explained.

So it’s more to the mindset that of course we need the support of all including the sub-district heads, village heads to support our field team approaching the community because changing this mindset is generally not easy,” said Salman

Changing the people’s mindset regarding stunting, according to Salman, is quite a difficult job, but not impossible to do. Stunting is not included in the category of disease but is a bad effect of indiscipline in providing nutrition to pregnant women and children who are born until a maximum of 1000 first days of birth.

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