Maximizing SPBE Implementation Diskominfo

Head of Diskominfo Bangka Belitung Islands Province Sudarman said the activity was held to discuss the implementation of an Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE) to realize one reliable Indonesian Data.

With the implementation of the SPBE, he said, it would create clean, effective, transparent and accountable governance. In addition, it is also to support quality public services and improve integration and efficiency.

Association of Indonesian Provincial Communication and Information

SPBE implementation in the regions will be Phone Number List at least 80 percent. We have to work hard, even though there are still many obstacles to face, such as network infrastructure, human resources, and no less important, namely budget support,” said the Head of Diskominfo Pov. Kep. Babel Sudarman, who is currently also entrusted with the Chair.

He said that with the budget support for SPBE implementation, mainly through the state budget, many benefits can be obtained, such as digitizing the government sector including sectoral data synchronization that can be achieved quickly, information dissemination is more evenly distributed to remote areas, so that cybersecurity as a support for SPBE can be more reliable.

In the presence of District/City Diskominfo officials throughout the Province. Bangka Belitung Islands, Sudarman also explained the Diskominfo priority programs that must be followed up by the regions, including completing the provision of fast and quality internet in villages that have not been covered, encouraging the application of innovation-oriented technology, accelerating the completion of primary legislation.

So for example how can electronic signatures be implemented down to the village level

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We in the province have implemented this through the Asia Email List Srikandi application,” he said.

Then He Continued, the Priority Program is Conducting Public. Communication Orchestration, Integrating. National Data Centers and Transforming. Digitalization of the Government, Developing Digital Talent Human Resources and Digital Economic Ecosystems, and Improving the Quality of Information Management and Public Communication.

All of This Will Later Lead to an Assessment of the Spbe Index. Carried Out by the Central Government, So That All Stakeholders. Must Be Involved, Especially. Regional Apparatuses Who Have Digital-based. Or Electronic-based Government. Services, in This Case the Diskominfo Both at the Provincial and District/city Levels.

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