Appointing Civil Servants Regent Reminds

Belitung Regent, Sahani Saleh inaugurated Belitung Regency Civil Servants in 2021. The inauguration and oath of office activities were carried out at the Belitung Regency Government’s multipurpose building, Friday (03/03/2023).

In his remarks, Regent Sahani advised the newly appointed civil servants to work with sincere intentions. He also hopes that they will always remember the oath of office that was said.

“My first message was that they take an oath, secondly read the facts of integrity, so don’t forget the oath and facts of integrity,” said Regent Sahani.

The Regent said that this formation could be the last civil servant recruitment

This is Due to the Existence of a Priority Policy Whatsapp Mobile Number List for Recruiting. First Aid Workers, Especially for Health and Education Workers.

“They Should Be Grateful, Because Maybe This is the Only Year Left for Civil Servants, Next Year They Will All Have First Aid,” Said Regent Sahani.

Regarding Requests for Transfers by Civil Servants. Who Have Just Received an Sk, the Regent Ensures. That This is Difficult to Do. This is Due to an Agreement Not to Transfer for 10 Years After Being Appointed as a Civil Servant.

The Head of the Civil Service and Human. Resources Development Agency. For Belitung Regency, Ka Azhami Said the Number of Civil Servants. Inaugurated Today Was 79 People.

“So There Are a Total of 79 People, 76 People Are Civil Servants. Accepted in 2021, 2 People Graduated From Ipdn, and 1 Person is a Civil Servant in the Year 2020,” Said Azhami.

Regarding requests for transfers by civil servants who have just received an SK

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The Regent ensures that this is difficult to do. This is due to an agreement Asia Email List not to transfer for 10 years after being appointed as a civil servant.

The Head of the Civil Service and Human Resources Development Agency for Belitung Regency, KA Azhami said the number of civil servants inaugurated today was 79 people.

Regarding the possibility of requests for transfers by civil servants before the 10-year term, KA Azhami emphasized that the government had implemented data collection through the state civil apparatus information system. The application will eliminate ASNs who want to move but have not passed.

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